These Silver Sterling 925 drop earrings have a charm that features the Lotus Flower and a Rudraksha bead.


The Lotus flower symbolizes rising from a dark place into beauty and rebirth, as this is exactly how a lotus flower grows. Lotus flowers grow directly out of muddy and murky waters and produce beautiful white and pink blossoms. 


The name Rudraksha comes from Hindu mythology and means the eyes of Shiva. It is a very good support for someone who is constantly on the move and who eats and sleeps in various places, because it creates a cocoon of your own energy. It also acts as a shield against negative energies. It is said Rudraksha increases general awareness, calms the central nervous system, helps to quiet the mind and frees it from negative thoughts. It is believed to be cooling when worn against the skin and increases energy and stamina while providing rejuvenating qualities.

Lotus Flower Rudraksha Earrings