This hand knotted Mala is created of 108 6mm Hawk’s Eye and Moonstone beads, a faceted Pyrite guru bead and a soft cotton beading thread and tassel.


Hawk’s eye is considered the most powerful of the eye stones, warding off nightmare and protecting one from malice, jealousy and negative energy. It provides deeper insights and awareness so one may see beyond the obvious and enhances one’s ability to focus. It is a marvelous aid for increasing the sensory gifts and enkindles a link with cosmic forces that provide inspirational guidance for one’s life. This stone is grounding during chaotic situations, brings issues into perspective and increases self-understanding. It helps the spirit to grow strong, to take the situation as it is and work accordingly. Hawk’s eye helps to see changes in life with a positive attitude.


Moonstone holds the power of mystery and is a bringer of peace, tranquillity and balance. It is a stone of the inward journey and has a deeply feminine energy that knows how to heal and to bring one back to wholeness. 
It calms and encourages, teaching one the natural rhythms of life, and opens the heart to nurturing qualities. This stone has a tangible connection to the magic of the moon and is an amulet of protection for travellers. Moonstone is a path to wisdom and spiritual nourishment.


Pyrite is a very protective stone, shielding the user from negative energy of all kinds.  It also helps to release negative and inhibiting patterns of behavior. Pyrite can enhance one's will during challenging times and supports the action necessary for personal growth and success. 


Natural stones vary in colour, size and shape, which makes your piece unique. The length of a 6mm beads Mala, including tassel, is approximately between 50-54 cm and the circumference is between 82-86 cm. Beads may actually measure anywhere in the range of 5.5-6.5mm and the final length of the Mala depends on the exact size of each bead. If you would like to have more precise information about a specific mala, feel free to contact me.


*Crystal properties are spiritual supports and not prescriptions or healthcare info*

The Protective Mala