These Silver Sterling 925 drop earrings have an Om symbol charm and a Rudraksha bead.


Om is an ancient sanskrit word and considered the most sacred mantra. The first vibration from which the entire universe was created and it contains all its power. It is the beginning, middle and the end. The past, present and future. Chanting Om brings the physical reality of this world and your body, the subtle impressions of the mind and emotions and the thoughts and beliefs of your life and this world into your awareness.


The name Rudraksha comes from Hindu mythology and means the eyes of Shiva. It is a very good support for someone who is constantly on the move and who eats and sleeps in various places, because it creates a cocoon of your own energy. It also acts as a shield against negative energies. It is said Rudraksha increases general awareness, calms the central nervous system, helps to quiet the mind and frees it from negative thoughts. It is believed to be cooling when worn against the skin and increases energy and stamina while providing rejuvenating qualities.

Om Earrings